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Old 12-27-2004, 07:54 PM   #11
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Could you get a decent set-up for $250-$350? I could spend more, but I also have to think about the $400+ Im gonna have to spend on a high-end video card. Also, are all or most of the better video cards available in agp and pci-e?

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Default Re: Upgrade motherboard

That's pretty much the technology we currently use in video transfer (AGP-older, PCIe-new) for all PCs. I read from magazines (PC World) that AGP and current PCIe specs have not resulted in a significant increase in performance. Actually, AGPs still got some kick in them. I still prefer the PCIe simpley because it's new.

Yeah, you can build a nice system for that price. It may not be the ultimate PC, but you will still be able to do everything you want to do. My current system with the Athlon XP 2500 cost me close to $400. I used my old drives from my previous computer like what you plan on doing.

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Default Re: Upgrade motherboard

U shouldnt have got a celeron...
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Default Re: Upgrade motherboard

Ok, this is totally straying off-topic, but i was interested in overclocking my cpu, and from what ive read people seem to be getting good results from the little celeron d, at least compared to itself. I have only overclocked 1 pc, which was a pentium 166 to 200mhz, but it was with little jumpers on the motherboard i beleive. From everything ive read, you can modify the multiplyer and fsb in bios to overclock, but I cant seem to find the options or do some bios just not have them? If not what can i do? Just wanting to get more for the time being.
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Default Re: Upgrade motherboard

if you bought your pc from a manufacturer, the manufacturer locks the fsb and the multiplier so there is no way of ocing.

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