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Old 08-19-2007, 11:47 AM   #1
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Default Upgrade from fx5200 to 6200?

I'm new to this forum, so I'm sorry if I posted this thread in the wrong area.

Like I said in the title, I'm considering upgrading my graphics card from an fx5200 to a 6200 (both NVidia, obviously). Now I know you might say I should just go for a 7 or maybe even an 8 series, and I would if I could.

Thing is though, I've got a Dell Dimension 2400 and as with all of that range, the only ways I can upgrade the PC is through the three PCI slots on the motherboard (nope, the motherboard doesn't have a PCI express or an AGP slot ).

Anyway all I was wondering was, would I notice a big difference between my current fx5200 card and a 6200 card? Because I've started playing battlefield 2 recently and I've noticed that even though my card's got 256mb of memory (and my pc's got 1.2gb of memory), it's not quite fast enough to be able to run on medium to high settings (where you get all the dynamic shadows and light) at speeds above 3fps, or around that.

So yeah all I'm asking is, dya think it's worth spendin another 40 for a slightly faster graphics card? i.e. will notice the difference and be able to run my games at higher video settings?

thanks guys

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Default Re: Upgrade from fx5200 to 6200?

Um...a 6200 probably won't even play it at medium settings.

I know there's a Radeon X1550 PCI card. That would work nicely for you. Then again, it might be time for a whole new computer if you don't have a PCI Express slot.

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Default Re: Upgrade from fx5200 to 6200?

yea a 6200 isnt that great of a card and WAT where u thinking trying to play BF2 with a 5200FX (i got one too ) on medium settings to play medium or high settings u need a 7 series card (building a computer w8ing for the ram and i got a XFX 7600GT )

but anyway i think its time for a new computer
I got a friend that got a 4000 dell i tink and it has a AGP in it but he needs an video card upgrade from his onboard videoso im going to maybe get him one for Christmas

But he only plays Roller coster tycoon 3 so he can stay PCI the problem with ur computer is that u need a new one
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Default Re: Upgrade from fx5200 to 6200?

Well, if you get the 6200, you''ll get a difference, yest, but the fastest is a X1550. But, don't think it will be the same as a X1550 PCI-E. The PCI clocks bottleneck the card.
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Default Re: Upgrade from fx5200 to 6200?

Dont judge a GPU by its ammount of ram
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Default Re: Upgrade from fx5200 to 6200?

I know this thread is like way old now but I just thought I'd update it on what I did.

I did get the 6200 in the end, although to be honest I really didn't see that much of a performance increase.

Then a few months later, I went all out and built my own rig and got all the stuff I wanted (8800GT, big hard drive, faster RAM etc) and now I'm happy with it lol And the jump from a 6200 to an 8800GT is somewhat noticeable, to say the least

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