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Default Unkown, Posibly FATAL Corruption. (Will upload video of my pc soon)

ok, i have a really bad graphic thing going on, but theirs a catch... its only in games... ill be putting a link to a youtube vid that i will upload in mabey 10 - 15 min.
its really hard to explain and i cant think straight, i have no clue as to what is happening.
you'll see.

Hp Compaq D530 CMT
256 Mb AGP GFX Card - Nvidia GeForce 6200
250 Gb HDD
2.66 Ghz CPU - Intel Pentium(R) 4

Bad news though, my pc was overclocked when it first happened
all i changed was the CPU clock
originally it was 350
i changed it to 450
i did 3 different tests before this happend that showed nothing wrong, it operated faster with no artifacts, errors, or crashes
as soon as this happened i defaulted my Clock speed (clock speed in video was 350)
why does this only affect 3d-ish texture mapping area's
if a video of the fullscreen games will help to solve this i can try and upload another video (they all glitch different amounts)

Bad news (if you wanted to figure this out) i restarted and everything is fixed, my pc is even overclocked as i type... what was this and why did it happen?

Specs: 4GB DDR RAM / 18.5 in. LCD Monitor / 52x CD Drive / Windows 7 / 8GB VRAM / NVIDIA 6200 256MB AGP Graphics Card / Soundmax Internal Sound Card
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Default Re: Unkown, Posibly FATAL Corruption. (Will upload video of my pc soon)

*any* type of visual corruption is more loosely covered under "artifacting" and is an inherent design, thermal or software limit you're reaching on the video card. The CPU generally isn't at fault here, so you can ignore it.

What you CAN do is update your graphics card drivers
Use more conservative overclocking
Stop overclocking

Most video cards these days will clock down for 2D programs (ATI/AMD is a prime example) but overclocking once is plenty, if the damage has been done, it'll be there forever.

The 6200 is a pretty basic nVidia card, even by the standards when it was initially released. Of the 6200's I have owned, overclocking them was never a good idea because they almost always had passive cooling solutions, or the fan on them wasn't up to the task of keeping the card cool.

Dropping clocks back down again can temporarily solve any issues, but my guess is that you'll see more problems later on down the line if it's not a driver issue.

Update the drivers to the latest you can get for that card (it's no longer made, so I'm not sure if nVidia still provides updates for it anymore) and check to see what kind of temps you're getting on the card.

If you overclocked that card from a default of 350 immediately to 450, that's one of computing's biggest faux pas - You should always overclock a little at a time, and test it each step of the way, keeping an eye out for issues like this.

SOME cards can do very well in 3D at high clock rates, and very poorly (like this one) in 2D. I've experienced it myself. There's really no reason to run a video card in an overclocked state to do just normal Windows stuff, the extra speed just isn't going to be used that much.

If nothing fixes the issue, you might need to buy another card.
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