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Default The Ultimate Tech Whiz Test


I am not a tech whiz... I'm only 13. So, I am going to ask you a lot of questions, and if you can, please answer them! I go over a lot of things, and if you can tell me, thanks! Also, this might be good for people who are new too.


1) CPUs (Processors)
a) What are the advantages/disadvantages of both AMD and Intel?
b) What's the importance of a cache? Is L3 a lot better than L2?
c) What is hyperthreading? Is it important?
d) How do you unlock cores?

2) Motherboards
a) What are the main features of BIOS?
b) What can you do in the BIOS?
c) Are onboard graphics okay?
d) What brands do you recommend?

3) RAM
a) DDR2 VS. DDR3 (Your feelings about each)
b) Solo VS. Dual Channel (Speed?)
c) What does Latency mean? What's good and what's bad?
d) What's the fastest, and what's the slowest out there?
e) What brands are good?

4) Hard Drives
a) IDE VS. SATA? (Speed?)
b) When is it worth it to get Terabytes?
c) 7200rpm VS. 1000rpm?
d) What brands are good?

5) Cases
a) Will ATX towers support mATX?
b) Tool-less design VS. regular? (benefits of both)
c) Where do you get LCD temperature readers?
d) 120mm fans are quieter or louder than 80/90/92mm fans?
e) Good brands?

6) Graphics
a) Radeon 4200. What does the 4 mean? The 2?
b) When should you upgrade from onboard graphics?
c) Will the memory on the graphics be dedicated to graphic intense programs? Or will it just count as more RAM?
d) If you motherboard only supports DDR3 RAM, but a graphics card has 1GB DDR2 on it, does that mean you don't get that 1GB?

7) Sound cards/onboard sound
a) What are the benefits of upgrading from onboard sound?
b) What type of speakers do you get for sound cards? Are they different from onboard sound?
c) How do you know if the onboard sound will be good?

8) PSU
a) What are the risks of using power supplies that come with cases?
b) If you pay more for a PSU, does it generally mean it will be better quality?
c) What are Peripheral Connectors for?
d) What are good brands?
e) What is the minimum you should pay for a good PSU?
f) If you don't have a graphics card, how much power should you have on a modern build? Is 400 WT suffecient?

9) Overclocking
a) How do you overclock?
b) What are the risks of overclocking?
c) Why do people overclock?
d) What can you overclock?

Operating Systems:

1) General
a) 32 Vs. 64 bit?
b) How do you know if you need 32 Vs. 64?
b) Can you play Windows games on Linux? How?
c) Is Windows essential to the ultimate computer experience? Is Linux all right?

2) Installation
a) Why won't it boot up when I put in the CD? (I don't have an OS)
b) How much HDD memory does it usually take up for Linux VS. Windows?

Okay, so I have OS and Hardware questions. I'm sure it won't take you long to answer those... once I get a lot of answers, I'll pick from the best and fill it in at the each of these questions. If you have more categories to suggest, let me know. I am just burned out right now! Thanks. If you just want to do one or two categories, nobody is stopping you. Thanks, again

GUYS! THIS IS WHAT I PULLED TOGETHER (from my supah-cool dad who has "old" 2005 models):

2 DVD Optical Drives - Philips - Looks like this - $45
250 GB Samsung HDD (exact model!) - $39
160 GB Seagate Barracuda HDD (exact model!!) - I don't know why it says it's so much!
Antec Neopower 550 Watt - ~$100?!
Radeon X1950 Pro - $150 what the crap?
Are these good?! Do I have enough power?
Radeon X1900 - $150 what the double crap?!
The only cables I have are 2 wide, super thin cables, and 4 thin, narrow cables... what's for what?? Thanks!!! You guys rock
:) Need a builder!
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