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Exclamation Ubuntu and Windows

Okay, I have two questions about Ubuntu.

First off, I decided to install Ubuntu and have a dual boot, because apparently it's god for an "emergency OS" or some such shit... but I think I installed the partitions wrong.

See, my Mentor set up the PC with like 10 partitions, I have two hard drives, and one of them had another Windows XP.

But when I installed Ubuntu, it got rid of all of my spare partitions! Now, I'm not devastated over losing my other XP - it had viruses anyway - but I wanted that extra disk space for big programs like Borland Delphi, Netbeans, Photoshop, Autocad - etc.

Basically, I want to get Ubuntu to just enough disk space for the OS and maybe 512MB to a Gigabyte of space leftover.

The odd thing is, I KNOW i had way more space before - i had ALOT. But I can only see like 35GB - and just ONE partition I remember had about the same - this is the GROSS TOTAL! I'm not positive, but I think the Linux is invisible to Windows...

WHAT MY MAIN QUESTION IS: How do I take space from Linux and give it to Windows, is there any certain procedure to do (like reformatting), and what programs can I use to do it?

The second question, I wiped that god damn dell clean (some Boot n' Nuke thingy) and I tried to put linux on.

The install is slower than Windows 95 with crappy hardware.

So... Any help on either of these two things is greatly appreciated!

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Default Re: Ubuntu and Windows

I would use SystemRescue to resize the partitions. Download it HERE, burn the ISO to a cd, boot from the cd then when you get to the command prompt type "run_qtparted" to run the graphical partition tool. From what i can remember it's pretty straight forward to use once you're in.

And btw, windows doesn't see the linux partition like you thought.
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