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Old 01-13-2010, 05:58 PM   #11
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Default Re: Uber Rig Build

Two things:

1- An uber build like this needs an uber liquid cooling setup
2- This should be número uno, but get a third HDD to back up the second one. Data loss is a PITA.

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Default Re: Uber Rig Build

Originally Posted by Patrick View Post
Two things:

1- An uber build like this needs an uber liquid cooling setup

you would say that, lol

though if you do build it.
we want pics

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Default Re: Uber Rig Build

Originally Posted by CCC View Post
Hi guys,
Looking to build my next rig (dont worry have done it before !)
Have an almost unlimited budget, as putting it through the company, And was wondering what you think of this, and if there is anything that you would change for the better ?:

Case - Lian-LI TYR PC-X2000
PSU - Tagan pipe rock TG1100
MOBO - EVGA Classified Intel X58
Processor - Intel I7 975 3.33
RAM - Corsair dominator 1600 8-8-8-24
HD1 - Samsung PB22-J 128GB SSD
HD2 - WD Caviar Green 1.5GB 64mb cache
GPU - Geforce GTX 295
Sound - Asus xonar HDAV 1.3
Wireless - ??? need N+
TV Card - Compro Videomate e900f Dual Tuner
Bluray/dvd burner - ???

Any advice/comments appreciated

if you want an uber build then it should be:
Case- (whatever you want, something roomy)
PSU- 1200W Like this Antec
MOBO- v Check my suggestions below
Processor- Gulftown (6 core w/Hyperthreading [12 threads])
RAM- your Corsair would work just fine
'HD1' - 2 Samsung PB22-J 128GB SSD in RAID0 (use MOBO RAID Controller)
'HD2' - 8 WD Caviar Green 1.5 TB HDD in RAID1 (im assuming that its 1.5TB and not 1.5GB [did anyone else catch that?], use RAID Card)
GPU- 2 5970s in CrossFire
Sound - (up to you)
Wireless - (anything goes)
TV Card - (your card is fine)
Optic- just go with BluRay and have faith that all will be fixed
RAID Card - RocketRAID 2320 link

if you could manage to pry yourself away from the PCIex1 slot for the sound card
then i would get this
Foxconn FlamingBlade
that board is my only suggestion
your PCs performance would be off the charts

you know what
im not even sure if you could fit all of that on a mobo
if you could it would kick some tail in the benchies

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