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Default U2IO problems

We use the U2IO USB interface for getting GPI and GPO from the Infocaster software. Through the U2IO interface the Infocaster software 'communicates' with another pc with software and also a GPI/GPO interface.

This all works perfect, communication works fine.

But when the U2IO detects any input pulse (GPI-1 to ground, pin 1 to pin 7) during rebooting of the Infocaster pc then it stops working. In device manager from Win Xp we get an unknown device and Infocaster software isn't accepting any GPI/GPO anymore.

Rebooting the pc does not solve the problem.

We can only get the U2IO interface back working by disconnecting and reconnecting it, then Win XP automaticaly re-detects the U2IO. We also need to mark the checkboxes again in the 'conditional playback' menu of the Infocaster.

If we reboot the Infocaster pc without sending any input pulses to the U2IO then everything stays working.

We already tested this with another U2IO interface but with the same results.

Any idea if this is a bug of the U2IO interface ?

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Default Re: U2IO problems

Hi more likely the problem scenario is as following.
You drive one of the GPIO high or low that cause to curent flow. Next you reboot PC and it temporarry halts current supply from USB port but board continues getting small current via GPIO. This small current is not enough for board to stay alive and it stucks. Next PC goes up, board is stuck and PC does not detect it.
We are using another USB dongle from same provider called SUB-20 (http://www.xdimax.com/sub20/sub20.html) with 32 GPIO. I checked it in the same scenario and did not see any problem. As far as I understand this board has diods preventing such problem
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