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Default TV out?

Hi, I want to use my old TV for my computer screen, it's a 27" CRT screen, and its just sitting. I have tried connecting my computer to my HDTV with a standard yellow video cable, the picture quality was horrible. I do not want to spend 50 bucks on a DVI to HDMI cable, just to hook up the computer to HDTV. Since i plan on using the old TV instead of the new one, the old one doesn't have HDMI, so my solution would be s-video? I have a s-video cable, and I was just wondering if it would be worth it to carry the TV upstairs to my bedroom. (If the qualitys gona suck, forget it. If its any better than standard yellow video, heck i'll give it a push up the stairs.)

So is s-video out to TV any good quality?

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Default Re: TV out?

umm its kinda weird i think it depends on the t.v itself i always dual screen my laptop to various t.v's to watch dvd's now it seems for some reason newer technology e.g LCD tv's dont like to display text very clearly but old 32" tube teles display it really clearly anothing thing to do is DONT use a s-video to scart adaptop always try and use the actual s-video port on the tele it is much clearer also try get a good quality s-video lead.

for once i can actually see the sense in paying 15 / $30 for a tv lead you can def see the quality difference i started with a 1.50 1.5M cable and it was not good quality at all

so yh s-video should be better than Yellow RCA if you are going s-video to s-video without n e converters and pay for a decent cable.

if need be keep the reciept if its crap send it back
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