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Default turboiis.com VERY POOR Customer Service!

I thought I would let everyone know how bad turboiis.com ( AKA turbo IIS 2003 & ObjectsFarm.com ) really is. We downloaded there trial version and tested for almost 20 days on 15 servers. It seemed OK and seemed to work. No big issues.

We then paid out 549.00 EUR for the full version for one server to test it out in the full version before spending over $20,000 to install it on all of our system. It did seem to do OK about the first 12 hours it seemed the same as the demo. After that it just went down hill. Remember we had tested the demo and had it running for almost 20 days. Front Page started to mess up for end users, asp.net stopped working or caching those pages even when it should not have, the list goes on with the issues. They said try to reinstall it. So we did and the same thing again. So we removed it. We then upgraded one of the other system to full version less then 8 hours this time a little more loaded system and it started to do the same thing. Again they said reinstall it on this system. We did. Same thing.

So we gave it ONE more try on a 3rd system, same thing. Demo worked fine full version just kills every thing.

So this was only 2 or 3 days after we paid and had been working with them. We asked for a refund and told them it was removed from ALL of our systems, demo and full version as it just would not work for us. We even offered to pay a "restocking fee". They said we don't offer a refund thats why we have the demo. Hmmm, OK so the demo works but your full version for some reason does not and you still will not give a refund.

Well to make a long story short, still no refund, now they don't answer there emails, program does not work and out over 549.00 EUR and oh yea paypal can't get your money back ether, because it's software.

I don't like companies that can't stand behind their product(s).

More info and the story here: http://forum.vortechhosting.com/show...ighlight=turbo

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Default Re: turboiis.com VERY POOR Customer Service!

I know there is a better business bureau here in the US do you guys have something like that over there?

Well since you paid that much you can go find a hacker and pay him to hack there site or create a virus that totally ruins there servers. Thats what I would do.

One thing these companies dont like is annoyances. I would just flood them with complaints. Calling like every five minutes. Or if they have voice mail call them and leave the phone by a cd player playing some offensive music and let it sit til it fills up their voice mail.

Also I would make a website dedicated to how much you hate them. Then I would go around to every forum and tell everyone how crappy they are.
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