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Old 02-13-2008, 06:09 PM   #1
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Default Trying to put a 5 card reader into Dell Dimension

Hello everyone. I recently purchased a logisys 52-in-1 5 card reader from newegg.com.


I'm now trying to put it into a Dell Dimension case. A couple of problems here. First of all, there's no bracket in my Dimension to mount the reader. That's easily solvable, as I've found a couple of cheap floppy brackets on eBay.

Second, I guess I didn't realize at the time that this was the size of a floppy drive, not a CD drive (my own inexperience with card readers is showing). I was going to mount it in the second slot for my CD drive, but it's too small. I can still mount it there, but it would leave a gap in my case. I'm not sure if anyone is familiar with a dimension case, but it looks like this:


I can't exactly put the reader in the floppy space, because it would cover up part of the reader. I suppose I could carve into the plastic, but that's not a solution I like very much (and no, I can't just remove the faceplate. Thanks Dell!)

The final problem is perhaps the most difficult. I was expecting cable similar to a hard drive to plug the reader into my computer, but instead it's supposed to go where the USB pin on my motherboard. I could use this, but it would eliminate the double USB port I have on the front of my case. Is there any kind of splitter for a USB pin? I'm really not familiar with motherboards, as the only internal work I've ever done was to install secondary hard drives and CD drives.

Does anyone have this kind of reader, or have faced this kind of problem? Any help would be great. Thanks!

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Default Re: Trying to put a 5 card reader into Dell Dimension

What motherboard are you using?

There should be more than one set of USB pins on the board. Just remove the floppy drive and put the card reader into that slot if you don't have a 2nd slot for the card reader.

Unless of course you need the floppy in which case you should have probally got a card reader that included a floppy drive. There like $15-20 more but that would solve a space problem for you.

I wouldn't recommend putting it in a CD drive bay since that will leave a gap that will become a dust magnet.

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Default Re: Trying to put a 5 card reader into Dell Dimension

If it's an older Dell Dimension case like so:

you can't just take the floppy drive out and fit the card reader in. Look at the place where the floppy is... As far as the mobo type goes, it's a mobo in a prebuilt, you can't expect it to actually have an extra USB hookup for the front... I say, return this one, get one that fits in a 5.25" slot, and then unplug one of the USB things, you don't lose a USB port if you get one that has a USB port on it...

Or an external one might suit you even better: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16820199103 No lost USB ports in front and it doesn't look stupid with a 3.5 card reader in a 5.25 slot.
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Default Re: Trying to put a 5 card reader into Dell Dimension

Oo This the exact same one I got. Hum...you could do a little rig. Depending on how long your cord is you can just stick it out from here:

**on the floppy disk part you can remove that cover**
It wouldn't look so hot but....would do the job...and maybe you could build it it's on little case or something.
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Default Re: Trying to put a 5 card reader into Dell Dimension

When I bought the Dimension I chose not to have a floppy drive, so it doesn't already have one, and I don't need one at all. There are two USB ports on the front that I would lose, while the card reader only has one USB port.

I think my best option is to probably return this one and buy that external device. Actually, I won't return it because it's subject to a 1.50 restocking fee and it would cost 7.08 to ship it back. I may as well just keep it and buy a new one. Oh well!
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