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Default Re: Trying to hit 2.6ghz with venice

ok i think that about sums up all my questions, thanks everone!

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Default Re: Trying to hit 2.6ghz with venice

Originally Posted by ownage
Vcore bios or cpu-z....neither. DMM (digital multi meter)
1. You can't use DDR2 in your motherboard as the Venice IMC only supports DDR.
2. Not have a 1:1 ratio will probably not affect performance. If it does at MOST it is going to be 1% compared to running 1:1.

D88, Intel's need to run 1:1 at least becuase they still use the northbridge as the memory controller. AMD processors on the other hand use a integrated memory controller (IMC) so latencies between the processor and memory controller is basically nonexistant. Thats why you dont need a high clock speed for the RAM as with stock RAM speeds, the available bandwidth is more than enough for the processor so the cpu won't be starved of bandwidth.
yeah once it was mentioned I figured it must be due to integrated memory controller that invalidated what i had said. You are absolutely right and it all makes sense now

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Default Re: Trying to hit 2.6ghz with venice

good good, glad that you understand it now.

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