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Angry Trying to boot windows after new install with hard drives connected to PCI slot.

Alright, my buddy was having problems with his computer and just wanted it to be completely formatted. I agreed and I have formatted his drives. The problem is he has a raid card with two hard drives connected. The card is in one of the PCI slots and the hard drives are connected to there. I've never come across a Raid that was not contained directly on the motherboard but figured it was just as simple. (I've built just three computer's in my life and worked on slightly a few more)
Just to note his motherboard doesn't have any IDE connectors, or I would have just connected a hard drive to there.
When I go to install windows on his machine it will install fine and it will show up as installed if I try to re-install over a previous install. The problem is windows will not boot. Just continuously wants to reinstall windows. Since the hard drives are connected through a raid card on a pci I slot what should be my boot devices and in what order? I also scoured the internet and found the drivers for his raid card (he gave me no drivers and his computer is at least 5 years old) and both installed those when it prompts for them (before installing windows) and have also gone without installing them. Neither way has changed the final results. I don't have the exact specs for his computer but if necessary I will attempt to pull them up.
I hope this is the correct place to ask, I just really need some ideas on where to go from here. Thanks.

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Default Re: Trying to boot windows after new install with hard drives connected to PCI slot.

Pulled from: http://www.techsupportforum.com/hard...ptor-card.html

"I may have solved my problem, at least temporarily. In the BIOS-->Advanced-->Drive configuration-->ATA/IDE, there is an option to use either Enhanced or Legacy mode. Enhanced mode is the default. When I used the "Legacy" mode, the computer booted WinXP and the IDE drive loaded fine. I have been reading up on the difference between enhanced and legacy and I'm not sure of how much of a performance hit, I will be getting, in terms of actual Sata performance versus ide. So I will see. I have noticed some grumbling on the internet about sata drives. It's a newer technology and the computers that adapt the newest technology first, often seem to have compatibility problems. Later on the problems get ironed out. Usually once the older technology is phased out, things get better. Seems like a never ending battle. People often hate newer technology at first due to problems."

Is there an option like that in his bios?
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