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Default Triple Moniter

I want to use three moniters, instead of the 2 i have been using. Not for gaming, just three seperate screens to multitask.

Im using a Radeon 2400 HD, but it only supports 2 moniters. I have a S-video to VGA adapter, and it does not work. I have a Dell Optiplex, so i have a PCIe 16x, 1x, and 2x PCI, and i really dont want to spend any money. SO what i want to know is, can i get a third moniter working if i was to-
-Use the Motherboard Graphics
-Put my PCI FX5200 in alongside my 2400
-Put my PCI 208pci-64twin in alongside my 2400.

I dont know how to get the FX working with Windows 7, but i got the 208 working using XP Compatibility Working, but not as a second card.

Can this be done, or will i have to find a single card that is tri-moniter compatable?


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Default Re: Triple Moniter

It can be done with multiple cards (I'm doing it right now with five monitors on two cards), but you can expect driver issues using those ancient ones. Give it a try, but if you cannot get it working with either card as a secondary, you will need to either buy an eyefinity capable card and a DP-DVI adapter or a second video card. I suggest looking for another 2400 series card if you go this route, to avoid driver conflicts.

As far as the onboard video, it probably won't work, but you can give it a try. Plug your third monitor in, then go into the BIOS and set the onboard as primary. When you get to Windows, check to see if your 2400 is visible in device manager. If it is, enable it and it should work.

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Default Re: Triple Moniter

I only have one PCIe 16x slot, so i cant buy another one and have it work. But how would i go about putting the second card in? Because last time i tried doing this, Windows 7 would not boot up, not even in Safe Mode. So you know what happened next there. I just dont want to have to spend hours doing that again. i Will try the bios real quick, see if it works. Thanks.
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