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Smile Toshiba Satellite L305 Keeps Freezing Over

Hi there everyone! As you probably can see I am new to forums so please go easy on me. Anyway I'll cut to the chase. Recently, my Toshiba Satellite L305 has been having a random freezing problem when I either run to many programs (about 2!!) or use my browser. At first I though it would be a clogged Fan and so I take it apart to clean it. Surely enough it is clogged pretty well with dust and I thought, Voala!!.....No. Next I proceeded to buy a new Fan and some thermal paste in the hopes that it would be a problem with the Heat Sync. Although the old paste was pretty darn hard, it didn't make a difference that I cleaned out the old paste and replaced it with new pastel. My laptop keeps freezing and I'm almost to the point of just getting a bat and swing for the fences. So please if anyone can please tell me whats wrong I'd greatly appreciate it! =D

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Default Re: Toshiba Satellite L305 Keeps Freezing Over

well welcome to computer forums.org,

it was a good start to clean the computer and buy new compound for it

well done for that. In this case I would look at 5 elliments

Hard Drive Testing

Scan for virus, Malware and spyware

Check system files

Clear then recreate the problem the view the event log for further information

Test the memory

what is your current system running i.e windows xp,vista, 7 or 8

how much memory do you have?

what is your startup uptime?

what is your network Activity?

have you checked what PID or services are running high?

what is the make and model of the hard disk?

once we know this information I can help you a lot more

moving on to the next stage and downloads

memory test download

process explorer Download

Process Scanner Download

Run an online virus check nod32 download

malware buytes Download

End of downloads

Next System File Scanner and Check Disk

System File Scanner How To Guide

Check Disk How to Guide

that should get you started any help you need just post and let us Know.

Kind Regards


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Old 03-09-2013, 12:43 AM   #3
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Smile toshiba A215

Hey there, I have a toshiba A215, seems to be in the same series as it showed up with some searches of mine too.

First off you are going to want to run some serious virus scanning, download malwarebytes, ccleaner, and iobit advanced system care. Run malwarebytes full scan, could take a few hours to complete. If it finds anything with "registry" in its name or location, uncheck it, and install and run advanced system care, uncheck everything but registry fix, and run it. Run ccleaner and scan and fix the registry section several times(idk why, some items show up after you fix it again). Then run malwarebytes quick scan again and remove anything left that shows up.

Bad memory can wreak havok on a system, you can download memtest86 and put it on a cd, the test never actually stops, so I would let it just run overnight to see if it finds any errors.

More likely though, the PCB on the toshiba hard drives like to go bad, I had to scan the drive with CHKDSK 8 times to get the scan to even finish, windows will not boot up and attempts to copy the drive fail. This is because of a bad pcb, the person I bought it from said it locked up alot and booted slower and slower until it stopped booting at all.

The PCB for my drive (HDD2D60) 160Gb is $15 on ebay. Its probable that yours is going out on you, and you could probably find a new pcb for your drive on ebay pretty cheap.

I hope this helps you
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Old 03-12-2013, 12:48 AM   #4
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Default Re: Toshiba Satellite L305 Keeps Freezing Over

First off, I wanted to say thank you to the whoever replied to this and gave me feedback. My problem wasn't as serious as i thought. Turns out it was a Registry Error problem (or problems considering the software I downloaded counted it in the 1000's!!). I highly recommend to whoever has a registry problem to download Registry Easy. Its a great tool to get rid of computer problems and although you need to register, you can download the program and obtain a serial code from here: ---edited--- I did not think this would work since i got it off a youtube video but by god darn it worked as you can see in my screenshot!!! Again, thank you to everyone who replied. Much Love!!
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