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Default Temp Sensor Trouble

I built my first computer about a week ago,the specs are at the bottom of the post. Im putting this thread under processors cause i dont know where else to put it...it not about my processor,its about my mainboard. The temp sensors on it are reading really high (like 250F for cpu,and 175F for system),but the actual processor sensors are saying the cores are each around 75-80F. I believe the core temps,obviously the computer wouldnt be running if it was 250F. When i first built the computer the bios said the cpu was in the 180s,and the comp was running about half the speed of what it should be. Then i figured out how to update the bios,and now everything (as far as speed,and smooth framerate) works fine except im curious if the mainboard sensors control the heatsink fan...

I got those temps from Speedfan. I had played half life 2 for about an hour,minimized it,opened speedfan and it said my cpu temp was -195F...yes,negative 195,lol...and the heatsink fan was about 1000 rpm slower than what it usually says its running at (around 1800) while the actual cpu temp was only in the high 90s.

The question im trying to get at is...is it worth it to bring the MB back and exchange it for another one? Or is this something that i can live with since everything works like it should except the MB temp sensors. Thanks.

Specs -

ABIT Fatal1ty F-190HD
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0
2 GB DDR2 667Mhz
400W Power Supply
Geforce 8600GT 256MB DDR3

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Default Re: Temp Sensor Trouble

Ya I'd say your internal temp sensors are way off. As for the CPU fan different boards have different options. You can set a certain fan speed based on temp then have it turn up if it exceeds the temp you specified. I find it easier to just disable that and run it cranked all the time.

As for the computer running half the speed it normally runs you probally have intel speedstep enabled which turns the processor down when your not stressing it. Disable that and your CPU will run at its rated speed constantly.

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Default Re: Temp Sensor Trouble

thanks for the post. it runs fast all the time now so i dont think i have speedstep running,would that be a bios setting? When it was slowing down itd be unnecessarilly slow even when i needed the processing power,like in games it would only run at 10-20fps instead of 50-60. the bios update took care of the slowness issue,but the temp sensor is still way off.

as for setting the fan to a constant rate,its a good idea,but i dont want it to be loud all the time. im still wondering if its a better idea to exchange the mainboard and hope another one gives correct temps or just live with it since it doesnt directly affect anything performance-wise.
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