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Default System Upgrade Time


I'm going off to uni in a few months and I'm thinking about buying a nice new fresh system or maybe just some tweaks

Here is my main system:

Q6700 - with Artic Freezer Pro
2x 2GB + 2x 1GB OCZ DDRII 800MHz (I think) RAM = 6GB Total
Asrock penryn1600sli
EN8800GT 512MB
A few HDDs.

Now my first question is

My gfx card is apparently capable of PCIE 2.0 but my mobo has only 1.0s. Would I notice a difference if I upgraded to a PCIE 2.0 system? Any suggestions?

Thinking about going to AMD. I currently has a Q6700 on stock (I should OC), but seen a HEX core for http://www.ebuyer.com/product/204939

Programming, Photoshop, SPICE analysis, MATLAB - image processing
I play a few games - thought haven't played in a while (BF1942, BF2, BC2, source stuff, COH, RO and enjoy a good single player game once in a while).

I know there is quite a few tweaks I can do with my system and I need to find the time to mess around with it, but what enhancements would you make if you had my system.

I'll probs get a another TB and external enclosure. Don't think it's worth the GB/ for SSD yet.

1: Q6700 @ stock 3GHz 775 6GB-DDR800 ASROCK penryn 1600SLI, 1GB ATI RAEDON 5770 ~ 3TB internal;
2: 3.2Ghz Phenom 9550 Black ed 4GB-DDR3, ASUS skt AM3, HD 4850 512MB
3: Core i7 3.2GHz, 6GB DDR3, 512MB EN8800GT, 1TB Internal
4: Athlon 4000+ skt 939 6600GT 3GB
5: P4 3.4GHz, 3GB-DDR, ASUS skt 775, ATI RAEDON 9550
+ all my other lovely comp parts :)
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