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Default System temperature unusually high.

I've replaced a dead SMPS with a new one today. (old- iBall squarish LPS223-400; new--zebronics, rectangular and smaller.(has almost the same voltage specs))
Also, I've installed a new fan and moved my hard drive (which was at the base of the cabinet) a little higher (for the cord of the SMPS to reach).

I wanted to check the temperature decrease and hence used Speccy to check the temperatures. However, I saw that there was an increase in the temp.

The temperatures showed by speccy were higher than usual. CPU--45-50c
and mobo 68-70c. ( on light load; 3-4 tabs on firefox and chrome)
I've never seen my mobo at such temp.

I ran Prime95 and in less than one minute, the CPU temp went up to 60 c and mobo went up to 83c, at which point I stopped the application)

Ambient temp -- 30 c or less (i guess it is less that 20c, but just in case, take it to be 30)
I haven't overclocked.

Question is, Why might be the reason for the high temp. Should I replace the SMPS with a new one? (read that power supply might cause such temp in Prime95's manual.)

Mobo-- DG35EC Intel
Core 2 Quad Q8400

Posting it for the second time and so, if I forgot to mention any essential detail, please feel free to ask.

Thanks in advance

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This is the first time that I used Prime 95. I do not know the critical temperatures for the components.
Intel lists it as 71.4 C, so I killed the application.

Is the problem with the power supply?
I feel hot air coming out of the fan ( not that cool air comes out :P), but it is hotter than usual. (usual being the air which came out of my prev SMPS)

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Oh shoot!
I forgot to mention one important detail.

When I replaced the SMPS and switched on the comp, I got a message:

"..... (something) detected a CMOS battery failure"
Press enter to continue.

I pressed enter a few times and windows started normally.
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