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Default Super 8mm Editing on Mac?

I've recently purchased a Super 8mm camera.

Will I be limited as to how much I can edit on a notebook?

Would a Mac be a better choice for editing?

I've never had a Mac, partly because they're so backwards from what I'm used to, but I hear they are best for editing and such.

Is it that much of a disadvantage to get a notebook for editing?

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Default Re: Super 8mm Editing on Mac?

The biggest difference in a mac and windows is all the background transfering of information that is used in windows. The same thing happens with a mac but in a totally different way than with windows. This causes issues with editing and burning in windows in which mac users don't get.

Editing has nothing to do with what you are using as in notebook(laptop) or desktop, but with how much space you have to work with and what format you are dealing with. Along with the program that you are using to edit with.
DVD format.......6 gigs of space to burn 1 hour of a movie is about right.
CD format.......2gigs for the same hour but with a third the clarity of DVD
See the relationship verses time and clarity....and then add sound files in what ever format you wish and it adds even more space to have to work with.
If you have a thought of some serious editing then I would look into dual booting and using a dedicated OS with nothing else on it but the editing program

There is nothing worse than to spend hours getting everything just right to find out that an error occurs in the last 10 minutes of burning
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