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Default Straight Up Seti?

That was pretty low seti, I understand that you get kids on here asking how to get past the blocked internet sites at school but this is a legitimate problem. I don't know what you want me to do, I'll post pictures of the actual laptop sitting at my house right now, screen shots, whatever you want.
What good are these forums if someone can't ask questions, by the way I know what I'm doing and don't ask stupid questions about anything like most do, search me!
*sigh* I had more respect for you until now.
This is all I was going to post.....

"Hmm, I don't think that it's that because it was installed/activated by the school district's IT guy. He set them up so that students couldn't do anything but research online and save documents in the my documents folder so it has to be just a setting. Oh and I'm sure there's a way to do it because we installed these programs on here last year with the rocket club and have had the laptop since then and now I can't remember if we had to do anything special.
The main issue is I would just like to get rid of it because more than installing programs and changing settings it won't even accept icon changes. I cleaned up the desktop on it from last year's stuff and put it into a folder called SLI2005 then when I rebooted that folder was gone and the contents were back on the desktop in their old locations.

This one is really confuing me...."

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Default Re: Straight Up Seti?

Take it back to the guy you got it from and let him fix it. If you can't access the admin account then you either don't have the password or it was set up as a work station.
As for respecting me, I'm just looking out for our members. We've had some recent grief and had to change hosts. If the kid wants to help you take it to another medium. Like Msn or yahoo chat. What you fail to think about is if you get the info on how to get around the admin password you have just told thousands of others how to do it also. My desision stands.
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