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Old 11-04-2007, 04:46 PM   #1
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Default Static in Speakers Suddenly

This is odd.

OK, I've had these speakers for about a month now and they were fine until a day or two ago (when I got a new LCD Monitor, switched from CRT, as well as got a new graphics card, could that be the problem?). In a few songs they are perfectly fine on full blast but a few (like my favorites) always randomly crackle in the song... I tried straightening out the cords and such but, nothing. The sound isn't anything less, it just randomly crackles during the song and it is quite annoying and renders my music unlistenable. My speakers are Logitech X-230's. Could replacing the sound card work? I have one that I can get for free. I take extremely good care of my speakers, my old ones I had for 6 years and they never got this problem. What could it be?

Note: Using these songs bought from the iTunes store, using 'em in iTunes obviously.

Edit: I blew in the sound port hole thingies and played with the wires and got rid of it mostly and the little that there is minimized, still there though, still disappointed, any ideas?

Double Edit: I think it is somehow the cords to the speakers, when I turn the speakers on full blast (no music on, everything silent) and put my ear to them I hear a "zzt ztt crackle crackle" type of noise and when I play with the wires it goes in and out like an old time radio. Any suggestions? There WAS a cell phone in the edge of my room covered up by a bunch of crap, I moved it to the hallway, didn't help.

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Default Re: Static in Speakers Suddenly

Try plugging in other speakers and see if its the speakers or something else. See where that gets you.

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Default Re: Static in Speakers Suddenly

Probably won't help but try this: Right click the volume control icon on the taskbar, click open volume control and make sure 'Line In' and 'Microphone' are muted, as having those options on can sometimes produce crackle noises etc.
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Default Re: Static in Speakers Suddenly

Webhead: Already had that.

Zdorab: No spare speakers.

My brother suggests I "overloaded them" (they are Logitech X230's) I had Windows Volume on Max and them only 2/3 of the way on most songs. Yeah, you could hear the rockin' subwoofer downstairs but I don't think I overloaded the speakers themselves. Many people have these speakers and report they can get really loud. I am playing the song with the odd transmission errors and I am hearing a lot less of it, it seems to occur on the parts with the sharp electric guitar. Think an equalizer might help? Could it be transmission problems? I got a new LCD Monitor and Graphics card. The side of my PC is open, could that be it? Otherwise, I haven't changed anything.

Edit: Are these damn things haunted? Before on the parts where the static shock noises would come out, it would clearly make the noise, now either it's so small of a noise that it's hidden behind the "zang" of the electric guitar, or it's gone, I have no idea. I currently have them at half way, but, in any volume they would zing and such. I have no idea what the heck was wrong. Maybe it was having my PC case open?

Double Edit: The staticy noise from inside the speakers comes from my brothers speakers too when on high volumes. Maybe I didn't notice until I actually put my ear to the speaker? Except, with his, on high volumes, you don't need to put your ear to it. I'm going to install a new M-Audio sound card, see what that does.

Triple Edit: I turned 'Blaze of Glory' by Jon Bon Jovi up (not as high as usual) I'm a little scared but it still sounds pretty fine, I have a feeling it'll come back if I go too high. I dunno if I heard any static yet or what it's hard to tell, but, whatever.

Quadruple Edit: I installed my brothers hardly used M-Audio Revolution 7.1 channel sound card, I haven't been able to play it high, at all, since it is night time but when I turned all the sound making things off then turned the volume on the speakers to max I did not hear the faintest of the faintest of the most faint crackles or static, just that airy noise that speakers get when turned up too loud, even then, I had to put my ear right up to the grill to hear it a little. I think the problem is fixed now, I hope, only way to tell is to play my music tomorrow haha.
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