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Default Starting from scratch

I want to erase my computer and basically start from scratch due to trojans, viruses, and other problems. The details of the story are listed below and if anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it.

I have an 800 mhz PC from 2000 with windows ME as an operating system. I had bought norton internet security 2005 for the PC, but had norton antivirus 2000 installed from the original purchase. When I installed the new software, I had to remove norton antivirus 2000 and at first everything worked fine and it cleared up trojans and spyware that had been installed on my PC. Then, on the next reboot, it was recognizing both programs still and there was a serious conflict. I called symantec and they instructed me to uninstall all norton products in safe mode. I did so and then my operating system was messed up (opening control panel wouldn't even illustrate any icons), they said this wasn't their problem and let me go. I reinstalled windows ME, and it fixed that problem, but wouldn't let me reinstall norton internet security 2005 saying that a previous install had already been started. I ended up with no virus protection and the computer now is infested with trojans and viruses and no new software can be added. I got fed up and bought a new PC after backing up the old information from that PC to an external hard drive, but still want to restore that PC to it's original settings with basically nothing on it, so that either I can make some use of it, sell it, or give it to a friend. I am ready to clear the hard drive and start from scratch. I just need someone to lead me in the right direction.

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Default Re: Starting from scratch

Well, I'm assuming it's a prebuilt computer. It should have come with some sort of restore disks or something like that. If not, call the computer manufacturer, and they should be able to get them for you no problem. Once you get them, you can restore your computer to a new condition - as if you had just bought it. If that isn't possible for some reason, get a copy of Windows (whichever version you want to use), and use the installer to format the drive and install the fresh copy of Windows. Make sure it's a full install version and not an upgrade.

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Default Re: Starting from scratch

Actually if it came from 2000 then you probably were issued a real copy of the operating system, and a floppy boot disc. See if you still have them.As it is the only way unless you plan on purchasing a new one.
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Default Re: Starting from scratch

Windows ME=Trouble
Solution:New OS!
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