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Default start up

I recently hard wired my house and up until now i did not need the integrated lan port on my motherboard. Today when i went to use it i noticed that the metal tab from the metal plate that comes with every motherboard was sticking into the port. I bent it out of the way and started up my computer. It turned on but then shut off after about 7 seconds.

I unscrewed the motherboard and bent the metal tab the way it is supposed to be, touching the top of the lan port. I turned it on again and it did the same thing. I tried unplugging the power to the motherboard for a few seconds and then trying again. This did not work so i put the tab back where it started but it makes no difference.

I tested the power supply and it is fine. I have a feeling its my motherboard but would like to try anything i can before i go and buy a new one.

It is a asus m2n-e motherboard if that helps.

Any and all suggestions are much appreciated.

ASUS m2n-e mobo
athlon 64 3800+
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Default Re: start up

i suspect the board has earhted out when you moved the piece of metal it may be worth taking the board out of the case and if you have a spare psu you can try the board away from the case but just be carefull

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Default Re: start up


the only required parts you need for video are.

5.Videocard /unless you have onboard video

And make sure you have a known good working monitor and power cables for both the PC and monitor,
and make sure the monitor is powered on.

and before when even get down to it , Make sure you have a large enough power supply.
Dont even waste your time doing this if you are trying to boot a system with 2 X1950XTXs in crossfire, and 6 Hardrives with a 300 Watt power supply.

Ok Lets Start

1. REMOVE the motherboard, place it on a Plastic surafce/ such as a rubber mat, or a large square of packing material.

2. Start putting the ram, cpu & heatsink/fan, videocard (some videocards Need additional power make sure you are plugging power into these places as well). ONE thing at a time, double check and make sure everything is in place properly and plugged in I.E. CPU fan.

3. Plug the power supply into the board (some boards require additional power, make sure you are plugging the power into these places as well),

4. Take your case and move it by the board and plug the powerswitch onto the CORRECT pins on the motherboard.(consult your motherboards manual if you dont know where these are)

5. Also try hooking up the small speaker in your pc to the CORRECT pins on the mobo to get a diagnostic beep code. (consult your motherboards manual if you dont know where these are)

6. Hook up the monitor to the back of the videocard, carefully, its not screwed down so it can pop out easily. (if your using onboard video this step does not pertain to you)
If you have onboard video just plug it into the VGA port of the back of the motherboard.

7. Press the power button.

Did you hear any Beeps? any video?

If you still dont have video try this only if you have both onboard video and a Slot based videocard I.E. PCI-E/AGP/PCI pull the Slot based video card and try the onboard)

still none?

If you still dont have any video, Try replacing the easiest compents first, such as Ram, then Videocard, then PSU, then CPU, then Motherboard. Just ONE at a time and try booting and listening for beeps after each one.

Make sure you have known good working Componets your replacing them with as well, and make sure they are compatible.

That should narrow down what componet is causing trouble.

Good Luck, LambofGod
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