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Default ssd uprgade: kind of fail?


I just replaced the hdd (500 GB Hitachi) on my samsung NP350U2A-W01UB laptop with an ssd (128 GB M4 Crucial). Here's the catch: the Hitachi was apparently a 7mm drive, while the crucial ssd looks to be about 9 or more mm. As a result, not only can I not get the screws from the protective cover over the ssd (holes on wrong height), but I can't install the protective cover with the stock screws (too high up). Worse yet, the laptop cover bulges slightly now that I snapped it back on, and won't even close all the way where it's closest to the new drive. I know about the 2.5" and 3.5" distinction, but had no idea before the height of the drive might not match.

Question: I could see if I can buy an appropriately sized protective cover, but then the bulge problem doesn't go away. So can I
1) Forego the protective cover and secure the drive (which also screws into the laptop) in the laptop with some kind of adhesive (e.g. 2-sided tape or weak glue) or
2) The ssd has a cover with 3 screws with a sticker that forewarns "warranty void if removed". Could I get away with removing that and replacing it with the current protective cover?

Which of the two options is better? If at all possible, I don't want to get rid of my ssd.

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Default Re: ssd uprgade: kind of fail?

Apologize for cluttering, but I don't seem to have an edit button by my posts unless it's right after I write them...

EDIT: basically I found that the drive I got comes in 2 models, differing by one letter in the serial. Same specs, only difference is one is 9.5 mm (what I got) and the other is 7 mm. Furthermore mine has what looks like a plastic spacer that's about 2.5 mm, so it seems plausible that I could just take the backing off, remove spacer, reinstall backing and drive. However there is that "warranty void" sticker covering one of the screws I need to remove to get rid of the spacer. Any thoughts anyone? Should I ask the manufacturer before doing anything? I'll just exchange the drive if the spacer shouldn't come off.

Please ignore the original question I had: both solutions I suggested are flimsy. I'll delete it if the edit button reappears.

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Default Re: ssd uprgade: kind of fail?

Exchange it, I know, certainly with OCZ anyway, there are 'LP' (Low Profile) models that are 7mm
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Default Re: ssd uprgade: kind of fail?

Thanks for the advice. I actually ended up removing the spacer, biting off the ends of the screws, and closing it back up. Took the risk since the alternative (paying to send the thing back, buying a new one for more, then waiting for it to arrive) was just unappealing.
I did read that a lot of people do this mod, and the 9.5mm version is essentially the 7mm with the spacer installed. So I ignored Crucial staff who told me to get a new drive and modded it anyway.
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