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Old 12-18-2007, 10:29 AM   #1
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Default Speeding up computer

I need help speeding up a computer. The real solution is getting a new computer but that's going to be a few weeks away at least. Any simple ideas?

1. disk clean up, ran adaware, ran virus scan.

Will increasing the virtual memory do anything and how can I do that? What are the bare minimum processes that start in XP? Would DE-Frag help much?

Thanks guys

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Default Re: Speeding up computer

Defrag helps alot but don't run the standard windows version, get O&O defrag. Virtual memory should already be set to the optimal amount so changing you shouldn't change this. As for startup programs: go run, type msconfig and then click on the startup tab, there you will see all the programs that start will Windows, close the ones you don't need. There are other more advanced ways to speed up your PC, like overclocking, if you want to know more about it, just ask.

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Default Re: Speeding up computer

Thanks for the reply. What is overclocking?
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Default Re: Speeding up computer

Overclocking is changing your processor timings to speed it up slightly to give you computer a small performance increase, eg altering your FSB in the bios slightly is the easiest and safest method but if you do that only do it in graduals of say 3-5 hen reboot your computer to see if its stable, once you get a bit more confident you can alter your vcore slightly but I WOULDN'T as your not up with over clocking yet, before you start going there look it up on goggle or ask more members here to give you a good low down on the do,s and donts, if you do to much you will fry your processor
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Default Re: Speeding up computer

If you have a second physical drive move the pagefile to it instead of it being on the primary drive. It works on xp. Since I'm building another rig I'll see if I can do that in vista. Go to where you set the size and set the PF on the primary to as small as it will allow you to make it. Then set a PF on the second physical drive. If it's a big drive set the min and max for the size. A gig or two should do it. A small PF on the primary fills up quickly and windows then goes to the other PF. Speeds things up a good bit.

Another thing is a cluttered up registry. When you install and remove software the process on some not all programs leaves behind the reg entries. The system keeps up with all that and doing so has the tendencey to bog things down. Here's a simple safe to use reg cleaner. www.wise.com Don't use the drive cleaner. It's not user friendy.
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