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Exclamation Sound Problems, NEED HELP!

I just reformatted today, and went from Windows XP Media Center 2004 SP1 to Windows Media Center 2005 sp2. I reformatted and reinstalled with no problems, but to my suprise, I started up windows and no sound. I have a pretty new hp, 2.8 ghz ht processor, 512 ram, 128 mb x300 se gfx card, 160 gb hard drive. When I go to the control panel and Sounds, Speech, And Audio Devices and then Sounds and Audio Devices I see "No Audio Device" and all of the other options are grayed out. I took screenshots and attached the links below. Please help, this is urgent!



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Default Re: Sound Problems, NEED HELP!

load in the drivers.
read the instructors manual that came with the computer/os upgrade. if there isn't one, eh don't worry.

perhaps your current audio card driver isn't ready for the new media center. therefore, you must look for new and updated drivers for your audio card.

new drivers are usually available from the manufacturer's website. when a person usually upgrades an operating system the driver's sometimes need updating also.

if that doesn't work. maybe you knocked something loose in the computer. first thing's first though..

back up whatever you want to save.

revert to the older version of media center. then install the drivers.

then see if the sound works. if it doesn't, that maybe something was knocked loose. maybe the card has come undone from it's pci/isa slot.

however, first revert to the older version and backing up saved data first. if it works on the older once more, then upgrade again. if the sound doesn't work from there. find updated driver's from the manufacturer's website.

if that doesn't work. come back here and post what you have done. make sure you back things up first though.

Backing up data is super important for any computer alteration.

also, you can go to device manager and rollback to a recent sound driver.

what you do is look at the sound card and go to it's properties. then click rollback driver.

rolling back means it goes to the previous used soundcard driver and doesn't use the updated on. if somehow the upgraded media center upgraded the sound card drivers without you knowing, that could have caused the program. therefore, you may want to go to the previous one because it may have worked.

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Default Re: Sound Problems, NEED HELP!

There is no "roll back on a newly formatted and installed system. You just need to install the drivers for your sound sytem. If it is built in sound then they should have been installed with the reinstall. Go to HP and search their site for your downloadable sound drivers for your Computer Model.
If the sound is an add on card then you must get the sound drivers from the card manufacturer.
once you locate the drivers for which ever system you have, then go to device manager and look for the yellow ? mark and/or ! mark and double click to bring up the properties section. Then select uninstall or remove (which ever) and you will be prompted about unistalling the device. OK. Then reboot and when windows fins new hardware they should find and install the needed drivers.
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Default Re: Sound Problems, NEED HELP!

Yeah this should work. You might have to search for the drivers yourself though.

If you download drivers from the manufacturers website, it should have an EXE file that should install them all automatically and would just require a restart.

Expansion cards you'd find easier to install than motherboard models, if it is one. Many more people seem to be sticking with motherboard ones though... no idea why...
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Alright, got it figured out. I downloaded a whole bunch of codecs, and drivers for all the possible sound related things in my pc, I restarted, and bam, sound! Thanks for all your help guys
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