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Default Sound Card Help

I'm trying to get a sound card that will be good for audio recording. My roommate plays guitar and he wants to record on his pc flawlessly. This is what I was thinking about getting for him, but I have this sound card and it has an audio creation mode. Which one should I get? I'm open to more than just these two cards, but his budget is $120 (USD).

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Default Re: Sound Card Help

Both seem to work fine, I am using a crative $50 sound card and no problems yet.

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Default Re: Sound Card Help

I know a few audiophiles who recommend staying away from Creative in favour for MAudio cards.

I'm not an audiophile but I've read a few discussions on the subject and general consensus is you don't want to blow huge wads of cash on hardware and software if you have no clue how to use it.

Yes, a $500 mixer and $400 microphone plugged into a good sound card will sound a lot better than a $1.00 microphone, but I've heard good sound from cheaper components ($60 USB mic) when the people running the podcast knew audio well...
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Default Re: Sound Card Help

For standard audio recording, a Creative sound card would be fine, but if he wants to get more into the professional realm, i.e, allow more connections/recording features, etc, he'll have to look elsewhere.

Creative cards are meant for powering games. That is what they are mostly built to do.

This card isn't too bad, but you'll need to get him to find a phono to 3.5mm plug for connecting the guitar to the PC most likely:

I would honestly though, perhaps try and go for another make. It does offer good recording spec though with 96khz recording, and Optical in's out's however which will prove useful.
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