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Default sluggish

it feels like my computer is running slower than normal. like it takes longer my browser to open up and just regular stuff like my windows media player is lagging when i click on it. i checked my CPU usage with no programs running and its jumping up and down alot. like for instance, it went from 8% to 99%.

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Default Re: sluggish

Have you tried checking for malware? when i had malware my computer would do that. I ran a check and some stuff came up so i deleted it and then it ran fine. Try defragging or doing a disk cleanup and see if that does anything. If you defrag don't use the windows defragger, it's ineffective in my opinion so i use disk keeper (you have to pay for it but there may be a trial).
I don't know what else to tell you but I hope this helps somewhat.

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Default Re: sluggish

Virus scans, i highly reccomend using a free online scanner ontop of whatever regular virus protection you have. I reccomend Trendmicro; http://housecall.trendmicro.com/

Run all your anti-spyware applications too, i usually don't leave that up to one program, usually three does the trick. My favorites are adaware, spydoctor, and counter spy.

Bring up the task manager and look up how many processes are running too. Your computer could be filled with programs that auto-start with or without your permission, which could cause your computer to behave sluggishly.

Also specs of your computer might help, specifically though your processor and how much RAM you have.

Defragging as the guy above me said might help, but in my experince it offers minimal peformance increases. And if you've done it recently (the last 3 months) its completly not worth it, and will probably do your computer more harm then good. Frequently defragging your drive puts tremendous stress on the harddrive, and the results arent anything to justify that stress.
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Default Re: sluggish

Defragging the disk really helps. When I used to use Windows, I would have to defrag every month or so... Thats another reason why I switched to Linux... No fragmenting. Also, check for unwanted processes in the task manager process tab. Run some virus/ spyware scans too!
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Default Re: sluggish

yea im gonna do a defragment. i havent done one since i bought my computer. thanks guys.
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