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Old 12-20-2006, 10:39 PM   #21
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Default Re: sli'ing?

yeah...if end users are still complaining, its not fixed. Bad nvidia.

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Default Re: sli'ing?

so is it just RAID having issues, or SATA all together?

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Default Re: sli'ing?

SATA all together. This has been an issue since NF3, just its more widespread now.
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Old 12-23-2006, 01:06 PM   #24
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Default Re: sli'ing?

Another update!!!!

Nvidia “Patches” Serial ATA Issue For the Third Time.
Nvidia, EVGA Release Final BIOS to Correct Problems of nForce 680i

Nvidia Corp., a leading chipset developer, and EVGA, a supplier of graphics cards and mainboards, have released more BIOS versions that should correct the already well-known issues with Serial ATA storage devices and mainboards powered by Nvidia’s latest core-logic.

“Some EVGA customers using the EVGA nForce 680i SLI motherboard have reported experiencing disconnect or write error issues with Serial ATA disk drives. To address this, we have worked with Nvidia to release a BIOS update for this motherboard that eliminates this bug,” said Joe Darwin, a spokesman of EVGA.

The new BIOS version P23 beta 2 that was available through EVGA forums and the final BIOS version P23 are supposed to correct the Serial ATA problems that users were experiencing with mainboards featuring Nvidia’s latest nForce 680i core-logic set. The previous release – BIOS version P23 beta 1 – did not correct issues with Serial ATA storage devices for all end users.

The new beta 2 disabled spread spectrums for various interconnections and also regulated memory timings in certain aspects, end-users said. According to EVGA, the final revision should help in cases when users experience random application shutdown, corrupted boot drive, “blue screen of death”, corrupt data and so on.

Still, some posters in EVGA forums claimed that even the beta 2 did not help them. It is uncertain whether the final BIOS helped those users.

“EVGA and Nvidia strongly recommend that all customers upgrade their motherboards to this new BIOS, regardless of whether or not they have experienced this bug. This Nvidia hotfix will automatically check your system to determine if an update is required,” the statement by Mr. Darwin reads.

Meanwhile, a moderator from Nvidia.com forums, who cited someone “from Nvidia”, said that the P23 beta 1 BIOS version is only intended for EVGA mainboards only, whereas another representative of the company told X-bit labs that the BIOS update was intended for “for the Nvidia designed motherboards”, as others “were not affected”. Nvidia designed mainboards powered by the nForce 680i SLI core-logic are also sold by companies like BFG Technologies.

Users at support forums by Asustek Computer also complained about numerous, including Serial ATA, issues with mainboards based on nForce 680i SLI core-logic. It is unclear whether and when those customers will receive an update supposed to correct their issues. The company still has not comment on the similar issues with previous-generation products.


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