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Default sli ??

i have 2 8800gts's but i dont no if sli is enabled how do i find out ? i have an msi 605i mobo if tha helps

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Default Re: sli ??

Havent got any experience with sli but i am sure you need drivers , and are the cards linked with the sli bridge
also maybe there is something in the bios

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Default Re: sli ??

You need to have drivers that support SLI. 2nd you need to go into the bios and enable SLI. Unsure where it is on your board you'll have to find it.

I'd recommend taking out 1 of them out because your powersupply isn't big enough for 2 and its probally going to perform worse.

Also if you decide to do it most new games have a enable SLI option in the game settings. You'll want to turn this on if the game supports it.
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Default Re: sli ??

Basically, all it comes down to now is drivers and BIOS. There have been reports on EVGA's forums of people having two cards that were meant to work besides one another (for more than two monitor displays) that were being picked up and used as SLI without the bridge (although the bridge is highly recommended for it's assistance in the speed gain).

If you have some-what recent drivers, and your BIOS has SLI enabled, you should be all set.
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Default Re: sli ??

Shouldn't you be able to find out by going into the Display Properties and see if SLI (or stating that two video cards are detected) shows up anywhere?
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Default Re: sli ??

sli was first developed by a company that was called 3Dfx, for them it stood for scan-line interleave
then NVIDIA bought the tech
and they call it scalable link interface
and in order to use it you must have 2 things
1) the drivers to do so
2) the SLI bridge
here is a link
you will see a motherboard first, then 2 dual gpus will fall into place
then the SLI bridge will top it off
*please note that this is what a quad SLI would look like
so a dual will look the same but only with the 2 gpus that you have chosen

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