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Default Sever Q's


Been a while since i have been on here and quiet frankly im out of touch with things.

Basically i have aquired a small form factor low power consumption P4 box with 512Mb RAM. which i intend on using as my server as i get confuzzled with all my server shizzle on my regular desktop and as you know on a desktop installing programs and stuff sometimes it needs a reboot and this aint good for my web server.


I want to use it as a web server and email server and possibly later storage.

im not gonna lie im a linux noob i have played with ubuntu but didnt like it so never use it again. so if poss id like to stay on XP or im sure i can aquire a copy of server 03?

next thing is which software to use. now im going everything for free here. at the mo on my xp im using Abyss web server and to sum up outstanding. i mean i know it doesnt have much things to go wrong but it is very very simple to use port forwarding. done. location for HTdocs. done. custom 404 page done. jus very very simple but id be open to other suggestions.

the email server im confused about. i have tinkered with hmailserver and mailenable and frankly they were both pretty easy to set up and i had them working fine internally.

i later discovered that i need a dns server for my email with an A address MX address and another 1??

i have no idea about DNS servers so really need help with this 1....

storage server pretty simple on any windows no idea bout linux again......

so if pos id like to stay with a edition of windows.

jus to sum up i need 3 Q's ansering.

which is the best OS
What is the best email server
What the hell, how the hell is DNS server and is there any tutorials / software you can suggest.

also web server suggestions will be noted.

hope to hear from u guys soon.

n e 1 have any advise?
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