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Default Setting UP Water Cooling for Dual Opterons

Hello, I've been spamming google for water cooling for opterons and the knowledge is just not there. (I didn't feel like looking through the millions of pages of junk).

I found a site showing how to setup dual opteron cooling etc.

But I was wanting to know a little more about this, if you have water cooled just a single CPU, that's cool, because it's not to different from cooling two of them.

If you need to know my system specs here is the forum where I posted: http://computerforums.org/showthread...1&page=1&pp=15

Alright, I have not purchased all these parts yet. But the MB, will be here probably Tuesday/Wednesday.

Seeing as the water cooling kits have to be put together, other then the noise reduction, is there really a significant degrees drop between really good heat sinks, vs the water cooling?

If at all possible I'd like to keep the processors under 100 F/ 37 C.

That's under normal load, but OC'd, I kinda have a small room. And other then in the winter, I don't need an additional personal heater. California get's pretty hot heh, And with 3 Computers on, it'll give your room a nice little Kick in heat.

I've got some really good questions so here they go.

Question 1
I've got a really big case (hopefully big enough, wasn't planning on water cooling), would running two separate radiators make the water cooler?

Question 2
As I've read/images they use one radiator to cool both of the processors, wouldn't this increase the water temp? Logically of course. But here is the real question, if I separate the radiators to each individual processor it should reduce the heat, but does the Pumps run off your PSU (Id assume so, so it would be safe to say, I would need a powerful PSU)?

Question 3
Who makes the best water heat sink?

Question 4
Who makes the best Radiators?

Thanks for the comments, and I don't care about price, I'm looking for quality.

Just a side question. I'm looking at 120mm Fans, and I've really never bought one, they usually just come with the case etc. I'd like to know what CFM stands for, and which is better, lower numbers or higher numbers. From what I gather lower numbers are better since the more expensive ones have lower numbers for the CFM, and the cheap ones have higher CFM numbers. Thanks again.

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Default Re: Setting UP Water Cooling for Dual Opterons


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Default Re: Setting UP Water Cooling for Dual Opterons

Okay, who makes the best waterblocks? Cathar. Which company makes the best waterblocks? Swiftech. Get Cathar's G4, which is impossibly hard to find, or get Swiftech's Storm waterblock, based off of Cathar's G4. Who makes the best radiators? A '77 Bonneville heatercore availible for 20 bucks at your local auto zone. It requires some modding, but its good. If you dont want to mod, get a DangerDen BIXIII. Probably the best radiator you can get. Couple that with some nice >80CFM Sanyo Denkis and you are good to go. There are AC and DC pumps. The only DC pumps that i would recommend is the MCP350 and the MCP655. AC pumps there are pumps from Ehiem and some other ones i can think of. AC pumps run off a wall outlet. DC pumps run off of your PSU. I recommend going for a PCP&C 850 watt psu. Assuming that this is going to be more of a serverish thing, i would recommend running two pumps in serial. Running two rads wouldnt do much. The only fans i recommend to buy are Deltas (currently my favorites), Sanyo Denkis (great for rads), Panasonic Panaflos, and yate loons (super super quiet). Usually the more CFM the better, while having less Dba. Some companies dont really measure their Dba rating correctly. *shakes fist at Thermaltake*
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