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Default Setting Up Air Flow

Okay guys, I have a new PC, and these are the specs:

Intel Core i7 920 3.6GHz
Noctua NH12-UP 1366 SE
Crucial 3x1GB DDR3 1333 RAM
Sapphire Radeon 4670
Arctic Cooling Accelero 2
Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 500GB
Corsair 550W
Apex Micro-ATX Case

Now, I'm running a MicroATX board in a MicroATX case. I have a 120mm intake fan in the front of the case along with a 90mm exhaust fan in the back in addition to the power supply fan. I'm also using a 120mm fan on the Noctua heatsink as intake.

After installation of the Noctua heatsink, the aluminum tips portrude out of the case; thus, I drilled holes in my case to accomodate them. However, the fan still presses right against the edge of the case, forcing it to bulge outwards. This disables my ability to use a side intake fan.

Now, I feel that if I do overclock to 3.6GHz and use fanless cooling for my graphics card, I will not have sufficient air flow to my system. So, should I cut out a 120mm square from my case (so the Noctua cooler won't cause the case to bulge) and try and install an external fan? Do I need a side intake fan? Should I just leave the case open? And if I do the latter, what precautions should I take? Are there any other alternatives?

Athlon FX-55 San Diego 2.6GhZ OCed to 3.0GhZ | Mushkin Redline XP 2x1GB PC4000 DDR500 3-3-2-8 OCed to 250MhZ | Seagate Barracuda SATA 400GB 7200RPM HDD | evGA GeForce 6800GT 350/1000 OCed to 425/1150
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Default Re: Setting Up Air Flow

I'd say you need a bigger case to accommodate the large Noctura cooler.

There really is no need for a side cooling fan as you have a large 120mm in front, with the 90 and PSU making do for exhaust. You could leave the side off, but you will need to be diligent with your cleaning routine as it will invite more dust to accumulate inside.
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