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Default Setting auto restore point - XP Pro

Is there a way to have my computer set a restore point as a particular time every day? Or when it boots up properly.


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Default Re: Setting auto restore point - XP Pro


Enter the Control Panel,

System Restore tab.

Here, check to see how much space your giving for this. Obviously, if your going to want to create one every day, that space will get quickly used up, since it won't delete them until it gets to the limit.

Now, to actually set it to do it every day:

Looking around, you can actually do it in a few ways, but if your worried about accessing the registry yourself, this may be a quick fix:

This will create a script that you simply double click on when your system starts, and it'll automatically without any boxes, create one for you.

"1. Open Notepad, type the following listing and save it with the file extension .vbs. Important! Make sure that you enclose the file name in quotation marks so Notepad doesn't add the .txt file extension to the name. For example "SystemRetore.vbs" or whatever you want to name it. Whatever you call it, it must end in .vbs. If you don't enclose the entire file name in quotes Notepad will save it as a plain text file and it will be useless to you.

Copy and paste only the text in "Blue" below to a notepad file and save it as explained above.

Set SRP = GetObject( "winmgmts:\\.\root\default:Systemrestore" )
CSRP = SRP.CreateRestorePoint( "Before Changes", 0, 100 )

2. Double-click the script file you just created, any time you want to create a fresh System Restore Point. "

This is text taken from a guy called Rista in a Windows forum

Another way:

"To change the interval between system restore points, Start, Run, type regedit and navigate to registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\Cu rrentVersion\SystemRestor e. In RPGlobalInterval it is set to 86400 (seconds) which represents 24 hours. Change it accordingly."

This is quoted from a guy called BurrWalnut, from the same forum.

I hope this helps, but either way, be very careful when editing the registry as a change you make by mistake can affect your PC, and even damage it. Your best off opening Regedit first of all, and Exporting out the registry somewhere safe, with a simple enough name to remember.
I haven't checked the scripts, etc above but I see no reason as to why they'd damage the PC if done correctly.
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