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Default Servers...?

Dunno if this fits under general computer...but I figured this gets more views than Networking, move it if you feel I was wrong mods.

I want to setup a couple of servers as a small project for myself over the summer to break from work, and keep me from sitting around all the time when at home. I'll probably have to obtain more systems, but I need to know some about servers... What all can I do with a server? I know the basic one would be a simple file server, and then you could hook up a printer to it for a printer server. Or a web server, looking into that, but don't really know how to go about doing it. What else can I really do with a server? I've heard of people having like 5 servers in their room. Seems cool, but I wouldn't know what to do with 5 servers...

ATM, I have a Celeron 1.7 system w/ 256MB ram, and an HP Netserver w/ 2x 450Mhz P2's and 128MB ram. So only 1 is made to be a server, but who said I need a real server to do a server's job? As I said, I plan on trying to get more free stuff if possible and seeing what I can use from that.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Default Re: Servers...?

I dont know too much about servers either, but...
1. If you are thinking of doing a web server, first check and see if yout ISP blocks port 80. Which is the port web servers use.

2. You can use a server to do active directory. Active directory is where you have all of your files/settings saved on the server and you can log on to any computer in your hose and access all of your files. (Active Directory is not super easy to setup and would not be of much of a advantage if not very many users are using it)

3. You could use a rendering by linking multiple computers together in a server for powerful video editing/3D graphics applications.

How to setup a home web server

More about active Directory

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Default Re: Servers...?

I checked my ISP's website and found out it doesn't let you do it with a dynamic IP address, which I'm pretty sure I have. Then I found a website that might still have an option for me.
Under "You need an IP address to point the Domain Name to."

Active Directory probably wouldn't do me much good.

How would I do #3?
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