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Default Serial port to tv

Hi, I have a serial port on my laptop. I also have a cable with a serial port one end and a port end like the black port that says AV-IN in the pic below (not sure what it's called

Is there anyway of outputing video data from my laptop through the serial port into a tv? Is there a chance of 'blowing' my tv?


EDIT: I belive the port type is called S-Video

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Default Re: Serial port to tv

You should be able to go from your s-video port on your card to the tv or monitor s-video input. unless that s-video port on your card is input. Anyways if you can't find an alternative way to hook it up, just hit up an Electronics store or radio shack, or a computer store for an adapter.

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Default Re: Serial port to tv

the black port in the picture is a port that has a special box attached to it, (the box is called a breakout box) and will have another connection that looks like that port, but with less pins (SVID) and some other round connectors for compasite video.

if you have an SVID connector on your laptop, you can plug it into the TV without any danger of blowing it up! you can get the cable from any good electronics place.
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