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Default Screen Size problem. . .

Ok, so last week my hardrive failed out on me. So I bought a new one and installed it and everything is going fine. Well, my computers screen size resolution is 1600x1400 and it views it fine. . .but when I put it on anything lower (ie: 800x600) there is all this black empty space taking up more than half the screen, and the actual "active" screen is center in the middle. I'v done alot of things from trying to switch screen resolutions back and forth, nothing works. . .what can I do to fix this. Also, games will run in a small screen too if put on full screen mode. I used to be able to play games full screen, why not now? Thanks

ps...I'm using a Dell Inspiron 8200....Geforce 4 GO

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Default Re: Screen Size problem. . .

A laptop? Did it use to go full screen? You know lower resolutions just double the pixels on a LCD. I know some older ones did more what you said but newer ones usally expand it full screen.

I beleive my laptop had a button to control this. On of the F keys(Function F10 I think...) Where it would switch modes...maybe yours has something like that?

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yes, it's a laptop. . .on my F8 button there is a crt/LCD option. . .i press it and the screen flashes a couple times, but the black areas are still there. . .and yes, they used to be full screen.
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Laptop screens are meant to run at specific resolutions and if those are not used a black border or blurry text is what you will see.

But try this...In the BIOS you should have an option to "expand image to screen" or something to that nature. Make sure it is enabled.

I know that is what I have to do on my Omnibook 500 if I run a game at a resolution other then 1024 x 768.
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