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Default SATA recognized as PATA

Trying to back up and wipe laptop hdd (toshiba mk2553gsx). MBR is shot. Ran "chkdsk /f" on multiple occasions. Windows was unable to do anything with it except waste a lot of power trying. Was able to explore drive with proprietary software but not backup without paying (no interest in paying...not my hdd). Was also able to explore files with "Partition Saving" (if memory serves) on UBCD. Couldn't get files copied. Moved on to "testdisk" with high hopes but to no avail. Opened ubuntu "Disk Utility" and suddenly realized that the drive was listed under "PATA Host Adapter". Thought this may be due to improper firmware update to the drive (as we can be certain the disk is not PATA). I know some about hdd architecture but not quite enough. I've interchanged sata/pata controllers of like drives in the past and the disks were readable. I know portions of firmware are stored in flash and some in sectors of the magnetic. Any directions anyone could point me in would be fantastic. Clarifying questions welcome

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Default Re: SATA recognized as PATA

In a last hail Mary attempt I loaded PhotoRec inside of partition magic on the laptop the hdd came from. I booted partition magic without the problematic hdd installed (as I was unable to load any bootable applications with it installed). When I had PhotoRec running I had it scan for available drives and seemed to have proper functionality. I hot plugged the hdd directly into the sata port and PhotoRec scanned for drives. Problem hdd showed up and I am finally able to procure tangible/readable files.

I would like to find some source for this particular hdd's firmware as I plan to use dd to wipe it. If anyone has a good hard disk firmware resource I would be much obliged it they'd share.
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