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Default Safe Overclocking??

I have built this: Asus A8N-E mobo
Seagate 250 gb SATA HD 8mb cache
AMD Athlon 4000+ cpu
Antec 1050B case with 500w SP power supply
OCZ PC3200 512 x 2 ram, Performance series
Asus Nvidia 6600 silencer 256 mb vid card
Lite-on Dual-layer DVD burner
Lite-on DVD Rom
XP Pro os

It runs at 33*C at idle, and I, being new to all of this, was wondering what overclock settings would be safe (or close to safe) on a system like this. Sorry if this question is beat to death, but like I said, This is my first REAL comp. and I don't want to blow it up. I have read the overclock sticky's but I am still unsure where to start. I do have the ASUS Ai booster and it reads the FSB at 876. As far as manual tuning, I'm not sure what the external freqency and the multiplier should be set to. As well as the CPU and memory voltage should be set to, or, if I should use BIOS settings instead. There is also the ASUS SmartDoctor to overclock the video card, but again, I don't know where to set it at. My gaming on this unit is mild, but I would like it to operate quickly when on-line and while watching streaming videos. I use a cable connection line that gives me 700-800 Mb/s regularly.

Your help will be appreciated, Thanks.

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Default Re: Safe Overclocking??

well u really can't know how far it will go, u just have to try it.
Just don't bumb the voltages over the max recommended (u should find the max voltages with google) and keep the temps normal. (I'd say cpu not more than 55C under load, vid card no more than 100C under load (u might get artifacts before this, if so then reduce the clockspeeds a little))

I'd use coolbits to oc the vid card, and oc the cpu from the bios.
Coolbits is extremely easy to use, and bios ain't that complicated either.
With coolbits do the core 1st (about 10mhz at a time) then when the core is at it's limit reduce 10mhz from it. Then the same with mem. clocks. And keep an eye on the temps and do some benchmarks like aquamark once in a while. Then u can see the under load temps, and u can see if the card is creating artifacts. And also u get to see if u have made any progress.

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Default Re: Safe Overclocking??

Thanks for the input mammikoura. I did try coolbits but the overclock settings do not come up in the side panel, I'm not sure why it doesn't??
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