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Default Re: Ryzen Ram compatibility

I mean, didn't it stop mattering then? we've been on 64bit OS for like a decade now. x86 is all but dead... Unless you're looking to replace some ancient mainframe used for specific software, there's no need to be ibm compatible right?

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Default Re: Ryzen Ram compatibility

Hmm... you raised an interesting question so I'm gonna look into it.

What I found is rather interesting. First of all, cloning the CPU is illegal so in a way I was right.

Then here comes the interesting parts:

AMD had reverse engineered the Intel 8088, 286 and 386 and produced their CPU based on the designs by Intel but it's not a clone.

Intel however reverse engineered AMD's 64 bit CPUs and produced theirs but still not a clone.

Thus the battles of the giants rage on to this day with their CPUs.

I came on a Celeron!
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Default Re: Ryzen Ram compatibility

I think the term "IBM compatible" is just a holdover from the days when IBM computers were the only ones using Intel cpus and MS OS.

I think nowadays the term should be Intel compatible rather than IBM.

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