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Default Running an LCD on 12V DC - how do I do this?

Hello everyone,

I'm in the process of going mobile, in the sense that I may be spending some time off-grid, but would still like to use a computer where there's no electricity.

I know, the simplest thing to do would be to get a laptop. However, there's a chance I'd like to use an external LCD monitor so I can have a larger screen - it would work better for me, I think.

Unfortunately, I'm having a hard time finding a monitor that can be run from 12V DC. It was suggested that I could use an inverter to turn DC power into AC, thus running your average LCD. However, I need to do this without an inverter - I need it as simple as possible, with as few parts as possible.

I don't know if there are any monitors which can take a direct 12V DC input. I suppose the next choice would be one with an external wall-wart type power supply that is AC-DC, and perhaps someone less electrically inept than I could simply change that to DC-DC, and hook it up to a 12V source.

I would prefer a monitor that's larger than smaller (not less than 19 or 20 inches, if possible), with a decent refresh rate and accurate color. (Okay, maybe these are secondary things to consider, but if something at all can be found, it's a start).

Any suggestions as to how to go about this, or models to look out for, are appreciated!



Oops, sorry - I think I should have posted this is the Electrical section. Mods, feel free to delete it from here.
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