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Default Router Problems.

Aside from my new computer that I will get, I am having yet another problem.
I just hooked up three computers in my room.. and the modem is way across the house. That means we are going to need a router... Well, our dad decided to get us one, a Linksys. He has a linksys wireless card in his computer so I thought our modem would work with a linksys router...

Well when I try to install the router (through the CD) it says,
"Router Not Supported"
This is on the last step of the whole thing.

"EasyLink Advisor is designed to set up Linksys networking products."
"If you have an older linksys router or another non-linksys product, use the installation utility included with that product."

Now is this something faulty with the product, or could this be because of the modem we were supplied by my ISP? It's a 2WIRE.. does that mean we have to get a 2WIRE router?




Alright, so I had this extra PCI Wireless Linksys card lying around so I thought I would try it out.. And of course, I CAN connect to the access point/ router!! but! It will not connect to the internet! That kind of makes me sad. So I tried to go a step down and connect to the modem itsself and of course, it works.. but very poorly considering it's across the room..

So the card works with the modem. Shouldn't the access point/ router also??

* 'Nother Edit. So I did it again, the setup, and now it says that the comptuer isn't connected to the router :P. Well I see that it's still connected and the internet works.. for about 30 seconds (it Is connected to the router) Well.. then it stopped.. I don't know what's wrong..

*Super Edit

I'm sorry, I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to configuring stuff with routers... ip addresses, subnet masks, and those sorts..

I found this http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r183...-2wire-2701HGB

If that what I need to do, can someone spell it out? Like, where I go to do all this and how I get there?

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Default Re: Router Problems.

its telling you to go to the router config page. so connect to the access point, and open an internet explorer/firefox window, and type in or or w/e the address is. then change the settings it says

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Default Re: Router Problems.

I've gotten past the first step here,


I got to the page.. I tried lots of things and it doesn't work...
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