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Default Re: router problem

ok i kind of have the same kind of problem....im not sure if the other solution would work. heres a picture:

I have a pretty big house, and the router is in the basement so at first the wireless internet was kinda slow and not a very good signal. so i tried using an old linksys wired router we use for halo lan parties. The house is new so we have wired ethernet like in every room which is sweet but they are all not hooked up...only some. So i hooked up 3 of the computers to the linksys, and the wireless router hooked up to the linksys in an upstairs room for better signal. heres the problem though..the laptop will stay connected, but randomly lose internet...and its frustrating because its my moms laptop and she needs to use it and she kinda gets mad at me. All the other computers hooked up via linksys work fine... Also hooking up the ethernet cord from the linksys into the wireless router: both the internet port and normal ports work for giving out internet signal. soooo what shoudl i do?



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Default Re: router problem


I'm sorry for not responding to your post sooner.

If I understand you correctly, your ISP modem is downstairs with the OLD Linksys wired router. You've connected 3 computers to the Old Linksys wired router via the ethernet cabling throughout your house (and they're connected in LAN PORTS 1,2,3). The OLD Linksys wired router's Internet port should be linked to the internet modem.

You've moved your wireless router upstairs and used a 4th ethernet cable ... plugged the downstairs end in the OLD Linksys router (LAN PORT 4) and the upstairs end in your wireless router ... correct? If you're trying to follow the steps I've given before, you have to plug the cable into a LAN PORT on the wireless router, too.

You should be able to follow the steps I've given before in this thread and do the same thing. Turn your wireless router into a basic wireless access point, that uses the OLD Linksys wired router for DHCP info.

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