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Default Restarting problem...dying mobo?

My brother's old computer had this same exact problem...I never could figure it out. I have an older P4 system I use as a server. I tried swapping mobos with a different system but because of an OEM OS, I swapped the mobos back. Since then it has had a restarting problem pretty much like my brother's old system. It just restarts when it feels like it. I tried running a memory test on every stick of RAM I have. It all failed at the same point in the test by restarting the computer instead of just failing the test. I tried the same sticks of RAM in my other mobo and they work just fine and all passed the same memory test. So I know it's a mobo issue. But I had been struggling with this stupid problem for a couple years with my brother's old computer and never came to a solid conclusion. He used to be running this same mobo in his computer before. He swapped mobos and the problem followed his new mobo... So I stole this mobo for my server and it has been working fine until now. Only thing I could think that caused it would be I think I grabbed the 7600GT from his possessed computer instead of my old 7600GT and installed it onto the mobo. That card may have had the problem and transferred it to the mobo... I've seen some weird stuff happen with computers, so I guess it could happen. I have since taken the graphics card off, but the problem persists. I'd like to get my server up and running again but I can't even get an OS installed because it will restart during the install...

I'm at a loss, I really need some kinda answer for this one before I decide to blow this computer away with a shotgun as well. I don't really want to spend anymore money on a new system again...
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