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Question Recording for Powerpoint

I am trying to record a voice over for a powerpoint presentation and have run into some trouble. When I make the recordings it turns out sounding really bad. I have to get real close to the microphone for it to pick up anything. I need the sound crisp and clean. Can anyone tell me what I would need to make a real good sounding recording? I have a basic sound card and a cheap Wal-Mart microphone. I cannot spend a lot, maybe $60. What do I need?

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Default Re: Recording for Powerpoint

Well... any microphone works alright usually, I myself went to goodwill and picked up an old one for cheap and it works great.
I would suggest something simple like changing input and output volume so it makes it a little clearer or even experiment with mic distance from your mouth. The littlest things can make a big difference.

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Default Re: Recording for Powerpoint

I agree with Chubakke. However I would also try using audacity (Free, link - http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ ) What kind of mic is it? Is it plugging in though USB? If so that never works for me. Get a mic that plugs into your sound card directly. With my setup I have a cheap $25 from radio shack, but I route through my guitar amp, to my soundcard, and I record music as a side job and mix it. The mic doesn't have to be a good once as you can tell. If it is a usb mic, google "Asio4All" and that should clear it up.

Good Luck!!


I notice you say you have a basic soundcard. Do you mean integrated? Like soldiered to the MOBO? I have a dedicated sound card, like the difference between integrated graphics and a dedicated graphics card. You can get a soundcard for $25-$65 I highly recommend one if you record, even just a little bit.
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Default Re: Recording for Powerpoint

The difference between onboard and discreet audio shouldn't be that drastic. The bottom line is that if your voice sounds scary horrible, then it's a bad microphone usually. Picking up even a $20 mic from Newegg should give you a huge increase in audio fidelity.

+1 to Doyle for Audacity. That's a great free recording program. Use it all the time.
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Default Re: Recording for Powerpoint

make sure to check your recording device properties. If microphone boost is on (max or sometimes even at all) or if your input volume is jacked it can affect your recording quality. I would make sure mic boost is off or set very low and your input volume is 50% or below before you go buying new hardware
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