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Default Recommend HDD for a new Mac User

I just bought 4 Macs. I have never used one before and I wanted to learn OSX, so I kind of jumped into it head first and bought 4 because the price was good and I figured I could swap the parts.

I bought one PowerMac G4 running OSX

It has a 350Mhz processor 384MB of Ram / 18GB Hard Drive / DVD-ROM drive.

I also bought a PowerMac G3 Blue and White

It has a 400Mhz processor 704MB RAM / DVD / 6GB HDD and is running OS9.

I also bought 2 older G3 beige Macs strictly for parts and to use the SCSI for my printer.

My question is, I want to upgrade the G4 to convert video etc so I can use my PC without hogging the CPU with video conversion etc., but I am looking to do it simply (Read "Cheaply")

My question is about the hard drive. I want to buy a cheap hard drive to run in the G4. So my options are as follows:

The power supply is 208 watts so I thought that this 5400rpm drive would draw less power and I could install it inside. I don't need amazing performence, so is this drive OK for just back up? The OS and the programs will run off the 16GB drive already in there.

Now heres where it gets tricky. I have a brand new 60GB HDD thought I bought a few years ago, and I want to run that in my PC (a cheap Dell 2400).The Dell has no space for another drive inside and the power supply is shite (I think its 200watts) so I was thinking of getting an external enclosure and putting it in there.

Now I can buy the hard drive above at TigerDirect in Canada for $54 and this enclosure for $33 : http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applicatio...952&CatId=1204

Total:around $90


If anyone thinks that the 120GB HDD from TD mentioned above will not be ideal for the G4, I would have to buy a enclosure that supports Firewire (the MAC only has USB 1.1, but has 2 FW ports). This one here has a fan and both USB2.0 and FW .

Total for that would be $70.

So for $70, I could have a 60GB external drive to use on both machines, or for $90 I could have a 60GB external drive strictly for my PC and a 120gb internal drive in the MAC. But I just don't know enough about Macs or hard drives to figure out the best option. I mean, I would prefer option 2 (the cheaper enclosure and the 120GB drive). I really don't have more than $100 to spend.

Is the 5400rpm drive ok? And is a 200watt power supply enough to run this drive and the 16gb one (+ a DVD burner that I will eventually have to get for it)??

Thanks everyone in advance if you can assist.

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Default Re: Recommend HDD for a new Mac User

yo, pee pee head......Welcome to CF.

By the way, what were you thinking of when you gave yer-self that name ?....Lol

Anyway's .....have fun here, and remember the rules !!

" Let the music move you "
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Default Re: Recommend HDD for a new Mac User

uhh, yeh. Nice username dude.
anyway, welcome to CF
I don't know much about macs so good luck.
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