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Default Really worried

Alright so a wihle ago i spent all this time researching and doing shit to make a custom computer. A while back i got all the stuff and spent about 700 bucks on it to make a best computer. We connected everything and tried to turn it on but when we powered it up the moniter said "no signal". Assuming everything was conntected correctly what could be the problem? The tech friend we have that builds computers all day said to get a new video card so we sent for a replacement. HELP! Note that everything is compatable. What should i do if it dosnet work when the catrd comes

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Default Re: Really worried

don't sweat it, if indeed you had a faulty card all will be good when the new one arrives (what card btw) if not, we'll help you troubleshoot the problem

At this stage you're worrying unnecessarily, stop thinking about it until the new card arrives save yourself some anguish

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Default Re: Really worried

OK lets step back.. When you first turn on the PC does the mainboard get powered up? Is there any beeping sounds? Now im guessing the video card your using is in a AGP port? have you tried plugging your monitor into the mainboards built-in monitor port? Unplug all the CD drives and hard drives to leave them out of our testing, take out the RAM and then resit it back in. let me know what happens.
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