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Default Really Random Graphic Problem. Please help!

Hi and thanks for taking the time to see if you can help.

I've just upgraded to a GTX 260 (not core 216) from crossfire x1900xt's - which never gave any problems.

Problem is that I get graphics corruption almost instantly if I run I tunes when gaming. I used to run it with the X1900xts with no problems.

So it is clear... I can game for hours with NO problems with this card... but if I come out and load up itunes so I can have some good music of whilst I play... I go back in and within two mins I get corruption - Changing colours in game textures, and on BF2 it happens fastest. (I play a lot of FEAR and crysis too... and whilst it does happen on them it takes a bit longer). If I log back out of the game, and turn Itunes off... and then log back into game... the corruption is gone.

my initial thought was that the card was dying... but as it can perform no problem when Itunes isn't running I don't think an RMA is possible??

My best and only guess is my RAM is causing it? I mean... Itunes uses a fair bit of sytem RAM. - And I know that BF2 is a RAM heavy game... but this doesn't make sense. Firstly because the x1900s had less available onboard RAM and this didn't happen, and secondly because there should be no overspill into the system RAM anyway as the GTX has 896 ...

I'm at a loss here guys and it's doing my head in big time!

Any pearls of wisdom (not including "dont use Itunes!") would be welcome andappreciated.

If it helps my system spec is below:

E6600 @ 3.42, 4GB Geil 800Mhz RAM, 600W FSP Sparkle PSU, GA965p-DS4 Mobo, 2x80gb Samsung spinpoints in RAID 0. Windows XP 32bit - and yes I know 4gb ram is pointless.. but I plan on upgrading to vista 64 soon.

Figured it out.

RAM problem. Tried taking out 2 GB of the RAM and seems to have solved it. Very odd though.
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