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Default Re: Really cheap computer parts

Yes, you can run XP on a P3. Might run a tad bit slow, but it can be done. Even got it on a 450Mhz P2 once and it ran fine for the basic use. But my point was, you get cheaper parts and sell older systems for cheaper. How many people that can't afford a system now will be able to get a $200 system? You can install 2000 or 98 on older systems and it wouldn't matter, just sell for cheaper.

Your business may not take off using old parts to rebuild, but it will definitely get you started somewhere. I started rebuilding and reselling systems out of my house September 2006 I think. I have a small customer base now. Maybe not people that buy all the time, but that refer their friends and family to me since they were happy with their purchase. I have a guy that bought a system, from me before and wants a newer one now. I had a lady that bought a system fro me, and called me up to ask if I had anything for her sister that's about the same as hers (unfortunately I didn't have anything at the time). Probably gotten referrals from other people. And I'm just a high school student without a certification. I just treat the people right, and sell for a reasonable price. Get started like that and you can start moving forward, I know I have moved forward and I don't intend to own a business later on...

If you could get those systems from the school, that would be an awesome way to start.

For the OS licensing... Each system needs it's own key (25 character number/letter combination). You can't install Windows on 2 different systems with the same key. You will need to either scrounge around for keys on the sides of systems you are given, or buy a new key for each system, which can get expensive. I scrounge for keys, or use Linux if I have no more keys. I don't buy them since they cost so much. OEM CDs are proprietary CDs made for a certain brand of PC. Dell OEM CDs only work on Dell, etc... I have an HP OEM CD and it works like a regular XP CD for any other brand of system, even used it on an HP once and it worked like a regular XP CD. You should only use OEM CDs for the system it came with, or wipe that system out and use it on another of the same brand. Retail CDs work on any system the same way. Not all keys work on all types of CDs (SP2 keys won't work on SP1 CDs).

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Default Re: Really cheap computer parts

Here's a good source of cheap computer parts: Surplus Computers

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