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Default RAM question

Ok so I am building my mother in law a computer and I have 6Gb of RAM in my computer but really only need 4Gb. I bought a triple channel kit because at the time it was about the same price as the dual channel kit and AMD doesn't even use triple channel anyways.

So my question is do you guys think it will make a big difference having only a single stick of 2GB ram apposed to having a 2 x 1 GB dual channel set for only a basic use computer. (I obviously know it will be faster in dual channel but for basic use will it be that big of a difference) She will only be using the computer for internet surfing which basically only includes facebook games and maybe some other silly games that are about the same level as these.

Her current computer is some crappy prebuilt she bought in 2002 so Im pretty sure its going to be a huge step up regardless but I was just thinking i could save her some $$$ by just giving her one of my sticks since I don't really use it anyways.

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Default Re: RAM question

The difference will not be noticeable, assuming decent speed RAM. I had to remove a bad DIMM from my htpc a while back, and have never noticed any difference, except in games like Crysis, STALKER, etc.

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Default Re: RAM question

foothead is correct. There is really no noticeable difference between running a single 2GB stick vs. 2x 1GB modules. The only time you ever see it is when running benches.

Tom's Hardware - Test Results: Single Vs. Dual Channel RAM
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