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Default RAM Question

Hi everyone...I'm new to the forum as you can tell by my measly 1 post...but I hope I'm accepted anyway!
I have DDR 333 RAM in my system at present...two 512MB sticks. I was thinking of adding another 1 gig stick just to smooth everything out....actually I was bored and decided to piddle with the computer. I did a scan at Crucial.com and found that I only had 512mb showing up!! I figured that my RAM was toasted. I went down and bought some RAM...PNY DDR pc3200 - 1 gig. I came home..installed it and started playing around and checked to make sure that it showed up and noticed that it only showed me with 512mb. Somewhat perturbed.. I took them all out and re-installed as follows..
1 gig in slot one
512MB in slot 2
re-started computer and it now showed me with 1.5 gig. I shut it down and installed the remaining 512mb stick. Re-started and checked and it registered only 1 gig. I added 512mb yet the computer recognized 512 less!! What gives here?? I know it is something totally explainable..but I would appreciate any help that you all could give!! Thanks in advance!! Thanks for having me!

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Default Re: RAM Question

You may have a bad stick of memory. Try booting with only the single 512MB stick.

You could also try testing your memory with Memtest86+. They have versions for bootable floppies, CDs or USB memory sticks. When testing, install only one stick at a time.

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Default Re: RAM Question

Thanks for the quick reply! I noticed that before I got the 1 gig stick that the 2nd 512mb stick did not register on the crucial scan. I thought that maybe I didn't have it installed securely. I guess it really WAS bad. I'll get another 1 gig stick and pull out the 512mb old stick that is left over. That way..I'll have two new 1 gig sticks. I'll report on it later tomorrow. Thanks again!
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